I see images from the war in Ukraine, and I'm moved to send support. If you're like me and feel compelled to share positive messages with the people in Ukraine right now, I found a great way to do that.

There is a website you can send your message of hope to them and the website will automatically translate the words so they can understand your words.

Feel helpless and want to do something? You can learn on the website exactly what is being done to help the people in Ukraine. Preply sponsors the website and it goes hand in hand with their company. They want to help people around the world have quality lives and help the people that are stuck there with food, clothing, and uplifting words from people around the world.

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According to the Preply site they say they want to bring people from different cultures and nations together through language. They are supporting families based in Ukraine with evacuations to safer locations, emergency funds, and psychological support. The company brags that every staff member who wanted to leave Kyiv has done so.

Preply says they are backing full economic isolation of Russia and are making monthly donations to the National Bank of Ukraine fund supporting the humanitarian effort equal to all revenues earned in Russia. First and foremost, you can send a message that you support them too.

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Right now there are messages from all over the world spreading hope and telling these people there is help and that they are working to save some of the people that can leave and support those that can't get out.

The message you send is free. You can donate to the cause but it is not a necessary part of leaving a message. You just type what you want to say and it translates it for you. If you want to send them something in your own words go to the Preply Website Here.

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