So many of us grew up with some form of Mario in our lives.  It might have been on the Original Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or plenty of other platforms with spin-off games from the original.

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What we haven't seen a lot of is full-length films featuring the world's most well-known plumbers.

Chances are you missed or forgot that in 1993 there was a live action film 'Super Mario Bros.' movie and it starred Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, and Dennis Hopper.  I actually own it on DVD(I doubt it's even available on Blu-ray), and still enjoy it.

When an animated Mario movie was announced, I was skeptical.  Titled 'Super Mario Bros. Movie', it features all kinds of famous voices.  Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, and Jack Black to name just a few you probably recognize.  But, known voices don't always make for good cartoon movies.

Super Mario Bros. Movie carries a PG rating which I understand for the catering to the whole family idea, but it does limit the edgy humor potential.  In fact, the humor falls so short that unless you're under 10, you might only barely giggle once or twice during it.

The story pace is okay and the action in it is moderately engaging, but for me, it was a boring ride.  Even with being skeptical of an animated film, since I am a Mario fan, I did want it to be great.  It was so boring though and I even caught myself nodding off a bit at a 2PM weekday showing.

Now, despite being bored, it was kind of cool to see some of the old school Nintendo Easter eggs planted inside.  That wasn't enough for me to really like it though.  I would have rather played almost any Mario game for one and half hours.

If the Super Mario Bros. Movie was done by Disney and Pixar, I guarantee it would have been twice the film.  As it sits, I'd give it a solid 2 out of 5 stars from an adult who grew up with Mario.  My 11-year-old daughter gives it a 4.5 out of 5.  I'll go back and watch the 1993 version ten times over before watching the new animated one again.

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