In 2019 the Hermantown Community School District broke ground on a new facility, The Hermantown Community Learning Center. Before the new building was in place they had been renting a small facility that was not located on the same campus as the middle and high school or the hockey arena.

Completed in 2020 this space is used for a variety of programs like headstart, and preschool programming as well as community education classes in the evening. But now a huge addition has been made to promote outdoor education. According to a Press Release from the Skyline Rotary, an engineer worked closely with the Proctor/Hermantown Community education staff to design this innovative playground called "The Hawks Nest,"

This unique playground features both play and learning features by incorporating some things already found outdoors. A major feature of the playground is the stage and shelter area which was a collaboration between the school district and the Skyline Rotary Club. The school district paid for the materials and the Skyline Club did the construction.

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The children will be able to use the stage for dancing, plays, and more while also providing shelter in inclement weather. Tim Peterson who is both a longtime Skyline Rotary Member and a school board member stated in the Press Release:

The project shows the best in our community spirit. It is a collaboration between the district and a local service organization that will benefit our children fr decades. This is the best of Hawk Pride!

The public is invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, November 3 at 1 pm.   The Community Center is located at 4333 Hawk Circle Drive in Hermantown.

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