Karlyn Nessa started dancing at just 2 years old and has not stopped ever since. Growing up in Hermantown her parents saw that she was always moving so they decided to enroll her in dance, and it has sure paid off.

From that point on growing up, she was at the studio non-stop and involved in dance through high school, and then she continued to perform at a high level as she became a student at St. Thomas University where they had won four National Championships.

This past May she decided to try out as a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. As expected the process to get on the team was not an easy one. From submitting applications, learning all the routines, and then filming yourself completing the dances. All leading up to being ready for a two-week training camp.

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Karlyn said to WDIO:

My roommate in college had already been on the team for a year. My dance team coach has also been on the team for a while, so I knew her going into it and then one of my teammates on the dance team, we tried out together. We both made it, so I met a lot of new people. I also knew some people too, which was really comforting.


With her parents being her biggest supporter now and through the years they must be very proud of all her accomplishments. Being a lifelong Vikings fan Karlyn said she feels like she is living in a dream. How great that she made the team in her home state, and we are sure that she will dazzle the crowd all season long.

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