This year in football has been especially hard for Viking fans. Getting so close, only to have a chance at the big dance ripped away from us, again. So, I think it could be fair to say that we may be holding a bit of a grudge toward Philadelphia. But after the outcome of Super Bowl 52, the grudge seems to be well placed in my opinion. How did Patriot fans react last year when their team won? How about the Denver Broncos in 2016? Nothing like this.

I found in the local Philadelphia newspaper, The Inquirer, an article about a local artist trying to raise money so she can paint a mural of a giant Eagle clutching and impaling Tom Brady. Click Here to read this for yourself. As I said in the video, this is all over a GAME. Most of these pictures that I have found are about Tom Brady and what he can go "do to himself", and these Eagles fans wishing death on Tom Brady. What people have to come back to Earth and remember is that he is someone's husband, someone's father, and that he is a human being.

There has got to be more important things to do rather than go and trash your own city in a fit of "celebration", just sayin'.

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