Was it a bad play call? Did the best team win the Super Bowl?

Hello everyone, I am back!

Let's first start with this, last night was a good game, not great; actually pretty boring until the last few minutes (my opinion), but it was still better then last years Super Bowl blowout.

So I will start first with the elephant in the room, the interception on the goal-line. Here is the funny thing about the play call, if the Seattle Seahawks complete that pass, everyone including myself would be saying "wow, what a great play call", but as a American, we like drama, so everyone is saying what a bonehead play call that was.

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First of all if Russell Wilson puts that ball on the receivers back shoulder or hits the numbers, it is either a touchdown or an incomplete pass. Fault Wilson for leading the receiver too much, but Malcolm Butler jumped the route perfectly and now the rest is history.

Secondly, why not give the ball to Marshawn Lynch?! He is arguably the hardest running back to bring down, and it was second and goal inside the five. Also Seattle had a time out left, so you had three downs to get the ball into the end zone. Lynch carried this offense throughout the playoffs, but when the game was on the line Seattle decided not to give the ball to "Beast Mode".

I will give Pete Carroll and Derrell Bevell some credit here. Everyone including the New England Patriots thought the ball was going to be placed in Lynch hands, so with that in mind why not do the opposite? That play probably works nine-out-of-ten times, but last night it didn't. They most likely win if Lynch gets another hand-off.

So did New England win the game, or did Seattle lose the game?

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Seattle was up by ten with 15-minutes left in the game, and somehow the Pats drove through the Legion of Boom, and went up by four with a few minutes left. Seattle did drive down to the goal line, but with the play call in mind, did Seattle lose it, or did the Patriots win the game?

My reaction is Seattle lost the game. The defense let them down, late in the game, and the coaches coughed up the game at the end. I will give the Patriots some credit, they were not afraid of the Legion of Boom.

I will end with this. The Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl in the 21st Century. This was their sixth Super Bowl appearance in that time frame. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick put themselves in the category with Chuck Noll, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. That is some great company to be mentioned with. We should reflect on that, we have witnessed some greatness in the last 15 years. I know there will be some people who say they cheated and I agree that they might, or might not have, but still six Super Bowl appearances, four Lombardi trophies, and it looks like they will not be going away any time soon, so maybe Tom Brady can become the first quarterback to win five Super Bowls.

I think Seattle will rebound, but given the cap issues, and with Wilson and the Legion of Boom needing new contracts, it might be the end of the line for the Seahawks. Also it will be interesting to see what Seahawks do next season, because Dan Quinn the mastermind behind the Seattle dominate defense just left to take the Atlanta Falcons head coach vacancy. Only time will tell if we will see a rematch come next February.