Weed Eater is an actual brand of a trimmer I believe, so the product I recently purchased is technically called a trimmer.  You know what I mean though, right?  I don't know anyone that calls these lawn trimmers.

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After using a gas powered one that my other gig loaned out to me without permission for two years, it was time to purchase my own.  Plus, who doesn't like adding to the tool collection.  Last year I switched my drill set from the DEWALT 18 Volt drill and drill driver, to the brushless 20 Volt Max set that has the 5Ah batteries.  If you have bought cordless power tools, you know that the big cost is in the batteries and not the bare tools.  These big boy 5Ah batteries are plenty for me and the lack of actual hard use I put them through.

I added to the DEWALT collection again in the middle of 2020 with a brushless DEWALT leaf blower, and for 2021 there was a huge deal on a trimmer so I snagged that.  The one I purchased is the 20 Volt Max brushless. It feels like it's built decently well, and took less than 5 minutes to throw it together.  With a fully charged battery I went on my way trimming the yard and while there are two speed settings, a high and a low, I only needed to use it on low.  It does what a trimmer should do and it's a bump the bottom design like most to let out more cutting string.  This is the area that DEWALT could have done a better job, as the plastic clips that hold the cap on the line storage area suck.  They barely latch on, so one or two bumps and it was popping off.  Not a big deal with the size of yard that I have, but if you needed more line often, it would be a pain.

Otherwise it's decent, and you can pick up the bare tool for around $125.00.  Maybe even less if you wait for a deal like I did.  Would I use it on ten acres?  Probably not, but that's a whole different world of weed eater trimming.  If you have the batteries and have a normalish size yard, it will probably work just fine for you.  I got mine at Home Depot because that's where it was cheapest that day.  You can find out more about this trimmer HERE.

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