We had Menards rebate money and they were again offering that 11% rebate, so we decided it was time for a new grill.  Or a grill of sorts anyway.

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I love shopping for bigger ticket items about a half hour before a store closes, because it's stress free, and you can really take your time to make sure the purchase is what you want.  That's of course not the case, and after looking at several grills, I was told I have to decide on which one because I will use it more.  I chose the last in stock Char-Griller Flat Iron Griddle.  It's model number: 8536, has a giant lid/metal cover, and 775 square inches of cooking space.

We didn't set it up right away which was my mistake, because once we did a few weeks later, it was discovered to be slightly damaged.  At this point, it was out of stock in any stores and even on the Char-Griller website, so we used a wooden block and a hammer to make it fit together.  I was convinced I wanted it, so we made it work.  The grill....or....um....griddle is heavy, as in it weighs almost 200 pounds.  Obviously most of that weight is in the cast iron cooktop.

This flat iron grill is easy enough to clean, and easy enough to cook with.  My biggest concern was being able to grill chicken wings like usual, and that hasn't worked out so well.  I should have listened to Penny and kept my old grill before donating it to a younger sibling.  I'll solve that by buying a charcoal grill at some point this summer, because most everything else on the flat iron has been good.  Fajitas were better than I've had in some restaurants I've been too, burgers are decent and steaks aren't bad either.  I'm still learning how to use the heat to get things how I want them, as I've only cooked on a kitchen style top like this a few times.  I will say, it's pretty awesome to be able to cook breakfast on it, bring on the omelets!  If you're in the market, I'd suggest one of these, but if you like the true grilled meat taste, hold onto your old one.

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