I've avoided a lot of Netflix original movies because it's been my take that most of them aren't that good, even when they feature normally appealing actors.  The second that Bird Box came out many months ago I'll admit my interest was piqued, that went away when I saw people commenting on Facebook how much they liked it.  It was about 6 people who I know don't know what a good movie is.  While harsh maybe, it's true.  Don't tell me you don't have "those people" on your friends list that you know to not trust when giving opinions of anything.

Anyway last night, a Saturday night in my wild and crazy life at about 6PM I started Bird Box.  I paused and interrupted my viewing several times to switch laundry, again, crazy Saturday night for this guy.  I also had a Facebook marketplace sale to deal with, and then back to the film.

The story was reminiscent of other "don't go outside" films, enough so that it felt predictable.  I won't say I was bored the whole time, but it certainly didn't wow me, I at least wasn't as fidgety as the stupid Aquaman movie so I guess that says something.  If you haven't seen it, should you?  I guess if you set it up for date night, the couple of barely eerie or tense parts might make for some tighter cuddling and it's almost popcorn worthy.  It's forgettable though, and I'll throw it in the another movie that I never need to see again category.

Did you see it?  Did you like it?

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