The Ides of March, also known as March 15th, is a famous date as it was the Roman's deadline for settling debts.  It also is famous because in 44 BC it was the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar.  It also happens to be my birthday, and this event caught my attention because of the music.

On Thursday, March 12th, from 10:00PM-1:00AM, the Zenith City Hellfire Club will be putting on one of several celebrations of the famous date.  For a $5 cover, you can celebrate the March Bacchanalia Festival at Spurs on First, in Duluth.  Local musicians will be performing as a cover band playing music by David Bowie, IDLES, and one of my personal favorites, ZZ Top.

You can get more information on this and other events put on by the Hellfire Club here.

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