Imperfect Foods is a grocery delivery service that the love of my life just got an order from.  They advertise on their website food delivered for up to 30% less than national supermarket chains and that includes organic and conventional produce.

They claim to feature items that might have an imperfect shape or size but still have the flavor you would expect.  Their mission is to reduce food waste by offering imperfect products that didn't quite make the cut for the grocery store isle.  While I admire that mission, I wasn't the most impressed with the first order from them.

Imperfect Foods Boxes- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The order included 32 items that she went online and chose individually for a total of $60.86.  While the price wasn't bad, some of the items were questionable.  The tomatoes seem like they were frozen and ended up being pretty mushy just a few days after getting the order.  One of the green peppers appeared moldy inside, again after only a few days of getting it.  They also sent a very large box with just 1 orange and 2 limes in it, quite wasteful for a company saying they want to eliminate waste.

Wasted Box From Imperfect Foods- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
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For the cost, it is probably worth it if you can freeze or somehow use what you order right away, at least the produce items.  We have a second order that was already processing that will arrive this week, I'm curious to see how that is compared.  Have you tried ordering from Imperfect Foods?