A new Mortal Kombat film was released on April, 16th of 2021 and the previews made it look awesome.

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I dragged my feet a bit on seeing it because I was pretty busy, and I'm not the type of person to start a movie and return to where I left off a bunch of times.  It's in theaters now and that's how I prefer to see a film, but my significant other subscribes to HBO Max, and went that route for viewing it.

Mortal Kombat is ten minutes shy of two hours long and there isn't really a slow part in it.  I mean, there are a few moments where for several minutes there isn't action but you don't really notice.  It's one of those buckle up and hang on kind of movies from start to finish.  It's also brutal and gory, as Mortal Kombat should be.  So if you plan to watch it with someone not into that, you may want to have them sit it out.  The acting is fair, but again, being Mortal Kombat, you're not really watching it for some killer dialogue like in a Tarantino movie.

Even if you didn't play the games, you'll still enjoy it if you're into action movies.  I wasn't even halfway through and I wished I had gone to see it in the theater, so go that route if you can because it's that awesome.  I may even catch it again on the big screen and few movies these days make me want a repeat anytime soon after seeing it.  If you saw it, what did you think?

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