We have a motorcycle trip out to Colorado scheduled for early August and even though the saddle bags on the Street Glide Special are spacious, I knew we needed more room.

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There are several luggage options out there for motorcycles.  You can of course just strap on a leather bag or any pack really, but I wanted something designed for the bike.  As far as tour packs for motorcycles, in particular Harley Davidson Motorcycles, there are a few available now.

King Tour Pack Up Close- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
King Tour Pack Up Close- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The three sizes available are the King, Chopped, and finally the shortest and smallest, the Razor.  The Razor looks the coolest with the Chopped coming in second and the King really giving the bike the "old man" look.  For the more current touring model Harleys, they are quick detach, so if you want it gone, it only takes a minute.  I figured for a long trip, we should just got with the King, which of course you can get painted to match your bike.  The King pack has 4,290 cubic inches of space so it can hold two full size full face helmets and then some.  You can also add a luggage rack for more room and really build on the "old man" aspect.

It was around $1,250 through Harley with the backrest pad for the passenger, which it looks silly without, so they should really just some with them on it.  You of course can get one cheaper through aftermarket companies like HogWorkz, though I opted to go with the Harley brand one because of store credit that was burning a hole in my pocket.  We haven't used it on the trip yet but have on a longer run and it sure was nice to have the space for the helmets.  Also, I know my Queen appreciated the backrest pad that is a major step-up from what was on it.  I don't have any buyer's remorse yet, though I've heard the quality of some of the aftermarket ones is right on par with Harley, and might be worth checking out if you need the extra space.

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