I've had my own Sam's Club Membership for some time.  When I started it, it was one of their Business Memberships where you could get earlier morning access which I liked because I can't stand people with shipping carts, so the less people around, the better.

Sam's has done away with the Business Membership and now has what they call the Sam's Plus Membership. The regular Sam's Club Membership is only $45 while the Plus is $100.  Quite the jump, but what's the advantage of the higher price?

There is a long list actually of perks to the higher tier.  Cash back is one of the perks, you get $10 for every $500 you spend and even me without a family knows how quickly you can rack up the bill at Sam's.  Keep in mind if you have others on your account, they have access to this cash back money too which I learned when my mother was accidentally spending my earned cash.  Sam's lets you use this accrued cash at the time of checkout.  You also get perks like the earlier hours, free shipping if your order online, free select prescriptions in the pharmacy, and even a discount on eyeglasses.

So yes, if you shop there often enough, the extra coin to have the Plus Membership is offset pretty quickly and worth it in my opinion.

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