Chester Bowl is one of the most well-known recreation areas in Duluth. Things like the outdoor Chester Creek Concert Series, Fall Fest, skiing, and the great trails around the creek are just a handful of the reasons people from all over the Northland pay Chester Bowl a visit.

Recently, the group Growing Up Chester announced they will be expanding and renovating the Thom Storm Chalet and they are seeking the public's help.

Growing Up Chester says Chester Bowl’s mission is to build community by helping people recreate outside in Chester Park. They add that the Thom Storm Chalet is one of the necessary tools to put this mission into action.

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Unfortunately, it has become outdated and in extreme disrepair. It's also too small for their programming needs and is not accessible to everyone. Therefore, the Growing Up Chester Capital Campaign is raising the funds needed to expand and completely renovate the Thom Storm Chalet. Doing so now will ensure it can be utilized for generations to come.

They're calling this a once-in-a-generation project. The fact of the matter is that Chester Bowl has seen a tremendous increase in people visiting the area and they simply cannot meet the demands of all those who love the area with the Thom Storm Chalet being in the condition that it is in. They're hoping the public comes together to support the campaign.

They recently held a kickoff event and now they're inviting everyone to visit the online donation portal to become a Chester Investor and support their efforts.

If you'd prefer to pay the old-fashioned way, they also accept checks. Checks can be made out to Chester Bowl and sent to 1801 East Skyline Parkway, Duluth, MN 55812. Please put “Growing Up Chester” in the subject line so they know where to direct your gift.

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