As summer approaches in Minnesota, two things we can all count on are unpredictable weather and road construction projects.

This week, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, prepared everyone traveling within the state this year for what they can expect to encounter and how best to handle things when they approach construction work zones.

According to MnDOT, this year's construction season includes 193 planned road and bridge projects and 54 projects that will improve airports, water ports, railroad crossings, and transit infrastructure.

What Do All Of These Transportation Projects Mean For Motorists In Minnesota?

Travelers need to prepare to slow down whenever they construction work zones. There will be no shortage of orange cones, closed lanes, people working along the road, and all the other things that come when a project is underway.

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To keep everyone safe, drivers must:

  • Obey posted speed limits. Remember, the fine for speeding in a work zone is $300.
  • Drive undistracted. Avoid using cell phones, and mobile devices, adjusting the radio, and even eating in work zones.
  • Move over and allow workers space to complete their work safely.
  • If you're planning a road trip, remember you can get real-time information about traffic and road conditions at and through the free 511mn smartphone app at Google Play or the App Store.
  • Expect delays and be patient, especially during peak travel times.
  • Do the zipper merge.
  • Avoid making unnecessary lane changes.
  • Follow instructions and never enter a road blocked with barriers or cones.

What Are The Most Significant Projects Scheduled In Minnesota This Year?

While there is a significant number of projects scheduled throughout the state this year, MnDOT says the most significant include:


What Can Motorists Do To Prepare For Minnesota Transportation Projects?

Thankfully, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has a terrific variety of road construction planning and travel tools that travelers can utilize to be prepared for construction impacts like detours and lane closures.

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Taking any of the following 4 steps will be helpful:

  1. Visit for the statewide view of the 2024 construction season’s projects. The site features interactive maps linking to more detailed construction project websites, full project lists, and other information.
  2. As mentioned above, visit or have the 511 app downloaded to your phone to get near-real-time travel information.
  3. Sign up for project email updates, or other specific topics.
  4. Follow MnDOT on social media.

By all means, explore Minnesota this year but make sure to be prepared for the hearty schedule of transportation projects that may alter your travel plans.

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