A Minnesota family is currently living through every parent's worst nightmare, and they hope that the combination of their diligence and the public's help end the nightmare and that their loved one will be located.

On Tuesday, August 22, a plea went out on Facebook from Debbie Lassila Lawrence, who shared the troubling news that her 39-year-old son Jeremy had gone missing at the end of the previous weekend.

Her initial post stated:

We have not heard from our adult son Jeremy since Sunday evening, 8/20. He was heading from Duluth to the range to stop at our house in Mt, Iron. He was driving a yellow Can Am 4-wheeler, so could be on the ATV trails between Duluth and the Range. His cell phone has been off since that time (which is very unusual). If anybody sees or knows the whereabouts of Jeremy, please contact the Duluth Police Dept. at 218-730-5020 or Debbie at 218-750-4005.

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The public was put on notice to keep an eye out for Jeremy Lawrence and authorities were also on the case.

On Saturday, August 22, the St. Louis County Rescue Squad posted on Facebook that they had completed a 260-mile sortie between Duluth and the Iron Range looking for Jeremy. They had not been officially requested to help, but they had completed several "unofficial" road and trail search sorties over the past week.  They added that they have a number of pilots on the squad who would continue to keep an eye out for Jeremy or his yellow Can-Am 4x4 ATV when they're airborne.

The Duluth Police Department, which has jurisdiction over this case, has been following up on several leads.

While it's certainly encouraging that officials are looking, it's discouraging that Jeremy has yet to be located, which led to a follow-up post from Debbie on August 26. She believes, based on the extensive search that had taken place, that he is not in the Cloquet State Forrest that runs most of the area between Duluth and Eveleth.

While Duluth Police and others continue their efforts, we must get the word out to as many people as possible. The more people who are aware of the situation and see Jeremy's picture, the better chance there is for him to be located. Anyone who sees Jeremy, or has information on this case, should notify the Duluth Police Department at 218-730-5020.

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