There's a very odd string of food-related crimes lately in one Wisconsin town.

At the beginning of June, an Eau Claire family was struck by a brazen brisket bandit who made his move while they were sleeping, stealing a whole 12-pound chunk of meat from their backyard smoker.

A few weeks later, the same police department is reporting another food-related crime complaint that is arguably much more stereotypical for the Badger State.

In a Facebook post shared by the Eau Claire Police Department on July 2, the department explains that they received a report of someone launching an attack with cheese. Yes, cheese.

In the post, the Eau Claire Police Department explains that they got a report at 9:46 on Tuesday evening from someone driving a vehicle that was being chased down by another motorist and throwing cheese at their car.


The department didn't share any other information, including any motives for why someone would do such a thing - wasting such a delicious food item - but they had some fun with the post, and the comments were definitely on point.

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The Eau Claire PD dropped a few cheesy puns, calling the situation "not gouda" and saying it is "un-brie-lievable" that someone would do such a thing while noting throwing cheese is "nacho best look". They also mentioned Wisconsin comedian Charle Berens in the post, saying "Imagine if someone like Charlie Berens heard about this".

Well, Charlie did see and acknowledge the post, liking it on Facebook and commenting "Cheese Louise guys… can’t we all just be friends ‍♂️". The Wausau Police Department also chimed in with "Use words not curds ".

Others in the comments encouraged people to "brie safe" while another person said "I just Swiss people would get along". Someone asked "what kind of muenster does this?" while another person said it should be an arrest-worthy crime to be wasting cheese in Wisconsin.

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Some people in the comments shared their own stories of being the victim of cheese-related attacks.

One person shared that someone smashed cheese singles onto one of the windows of their house. Another said a car was sitting in traffic, when someone threw some Kraft Singles at their car. One landed on the windshield while the other stuck to their headlight, baking onto it.

Another person mentioned their car vehicle was a cheese victim a few weeks ago, with some hot temperatures melting the cheese onto her car and other nearby cars.

These comments brought out someone who reminded everyone that while it seems funny, cheese can cause serious paint damage due to the makeup of cheese, which they say is acidic. This can cause some expensive repairs if it is on the vehicle for a while, also being hard to remove if it ends up melting onto your vehicle.

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