Ball game goers at Wrigley Field got a metal opening to a game there on Friday.  Being Anthrax was already in town to open for Slayer that night, why not have the lead singer perform the U.S. national anthem and lead guitarist throw the first pitch.

Joey Belladonna had the honor of singing the National Anthem that sunny afternoon Following that Scott Ian had the honor of throwing out the first pitch of the game.

I appreciate how he respectfully and appropriately performed the anthem.  While it's great some people have incredible vocal range, too often people try to overdo it and it ends up ruining it or embarrassing them.  Joey Belladonna nailed it if you ask me.

Anthrax will continue to support Slayer on their Final North American Tour and hopefully will resume their usual runs of touring, which often times include Testament.

Have you seen them on Slayer's final tour?


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