In 2014 when the first John Wick film came out it was an instant classic and waiting until 2017 for Chapter 2 felt like forever.  I'll second that on the wait for Chapter 3, thankfully the third one picked up right where the first left off at about the speed of a bullet or all the bullets aimed at John.  On May 17th, Chapter 3-Parabellum was released and I only got around to see it today due to really dumb excuses like work and bad life choices.

The night it was released I had messed up things with my planned mega hottie date and waited until now and went alone.  I settled in with my popcorn and five dollar water and for once didn't care about the previews, that lasted for 20 minutes, not that I was counting.  Like the second following the first, the third chapter takes off right where the previous left us.  The clock is counting down to when John will be excommunicado with a huge bounty on his head meaning he will be hunted by every assassin on the planet.

Badass knife fighting, gun fights, attack dogs, horse and motorcycle chases, and plenty of hand to hand combat make this exactly the third chapter fans wanted.  The film does have brief slow down points for dialog and such, but then it quickly transitions to a fast and oftentimes tense pace.  It certainly doesn't leave you feeling bored or wanting to check your phone at any point and I didn't want it to be over.  The ending's different than I thought it would be, I'll say that much.

Overall I give it a 5 out of 5 stars for it being exactly what it should be, a pure action thrill ride the whole way through.  I don't think I can wait until it's out to own to see it again, it's definitely a see more than once in the theater film for me.  I also can't decide which of the three I like best, it might be an all around tie.  If you saw it, what did you think?

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