If you haven't heard the latest release from Judas Priest, "Firepower" yet, sorry but, go back under your rock. This latest release has several meanings behind it for the band.

"'No Surrender' captures the true metal fighting spirit and metalheads around the world find a united voice within the message of this song," says the group. "When you honestly believe in yourself and live your life the way you have the right to with no surrender, then nothing will ever stop you from living your dream."

Glen Tipton announced his retirement from the road earlier this Spring. After the completion of Firepower, he handpicked his road replacement, album co-producer Andy Sneap. Since then the band has been inspired to use the songs message as part of a fund-raising initiative for Glen Tipton's Parkinson's Foundation. You can get your official shirt here.

Judas Priest is currently on tour with Deep Purple.

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