Now, this is how you debate! Mexico had their Presidential debate Sunday night, broadcast live on IFE TV. Instead of pundits and analysts discussing the hot button topics, the buzz in the 48 hours following continues to be Mexican Playboy ‘Playmate’ Julia Orayen.

The busty model appeared at the beginning of the event to hand out what likes look ‘thank you’ notes for the visual compliments the candidates handed out to her chest, which was emphasized by a low cut skint-tight white dress. She appeared on the cover of Playboy Mexico in September 2008.

Her name trended on Twitter in Mexico City and now she appears to be gaining momentum in the U.S. While we Americans struggle to get the youth involved in the political landscape, we think Mexico’s got the right approach. Would you have watched Deal or No Deal without the briefcase beauties? Exactly.

It’s funny that one of the candidates thought it was a ploy by the one of his opponents. Of course, feminists don’t think it’s funny – they believe it only reinforces the negative “hypersexualization” of women in Mexico and stated Julia had no right to be there. How civil. She can show up to our debates at the office anytime.

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