Playboy magazine’s April 2012 edition is the Sex & Music issue. While the publisher usually reserves its music special to March or April, it rarely features a man on its cover. That wasn’t the case this month as Bruno Mars shared the spotlight with Miss April 2012 Raquel Pomplun. We had the chance to interview her by phone. We talked about her love for sex, soccer, music and… math? Check it out below.

GuySpeed: What drew you to posing for Playboy? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Raquel: I had it in the back of my mind for years. My older brother – he’s 7 years older than me – he always had a subscription to Playboy and I would always look at the centerfold. In my house we’re very open. I would say oh my god these women are so beautiful. So if I were ever chosen I would consider it an honor to be among the most beautiful women in the world.

I thought it was impossible, so when I decided to do it and I made it I was like oh my god I can’t believe it! It is a dream and it came true. It’s amazing.

GuySpeed: Besides Bruno Mars, which musician turns you on the most?

Raquel: Pitbull! Oh my God! I would die if I ever met him.

GuySpeed: He performs at a bunch of Playboy parties so you’re likely to run into him.

Raquel: Yeah hopefully one day. When I met Bruno Mars I was like oh my gosh this is Bruno Mars. I think I would be the same with Pitbull. It would be a dream come true if I ever meet him.

GuySpeed: What songs get you in the mood to make out?

Raquel:Samba Para Ti“ by Carlos Santana. I love that song, it just turns me on. That’s the one and only song I know that will get me going.

GuySpeed: Do you play an instrument or is there one you always wanted to play?

Raquel: I don’t play one, but I would love to learn how to play the piano. I know I’m going to do it. I’m not gonna die before I play the piano!

GuySpeed: You enjoy playing soccer, do you have a favorite player?

Raquel: You know what, I don’t.

GuySpeed: Not even Beckham?

Raquel: You know what? No. He’s too cocky. But I mean, he’s hot. I like to watch local or collegiate because it’s more real. It’s not as ‘center of attention’ as the professional ones. European soccer is completely different, though.

GuySpeed: You’re also good with numbers, have you ever thought about counting cards in Vegas to win some serious cash?

Raquel: My brother would always suggest it to me, but I’m too honest. I couldn’t do it. He’d say we should go to Vegas like in the movie ‘21’ and just do it. The thing is there’s three of us, two older brothers then me. Not too be cocky or anything, but we’re really good at math. So, he’d be like we’ll just make a team and count cards and we’ll be rich! And I was like yeah I can’t do that, I’m too honest. I’m sorry, bro. Didn’t mean to let you down.

GuySpeed: You’re getting a degree in Biochemistry – are there any good science-related pick-up lines?

Raquel: No! They’re all nerdy, they don’t work.

GuySpeed: Tell us your craziest Tijuana story.

Raquel: When I was in high school, my gfs weren’t allowed to go to TJ so we’d say we were gonna have a sleepover. We’d get in trouble and have to fix it by ourselves because no one knew we were there – except for my mom, she was the only one. The drinking age is 18 there so we’d stay over my cousin’s house so we wouldn’t have to drive. It was just crazy.

For more of Raquel, pick up the April 2012 “Sex & Music” Issue of Playboy on newsstands or check out her sexiest pics from Facebook, Twitter, and ModelMayhem below.

Age: 24 | Location: San Diego, CA | Ht: 5′ 6″ | Wt: 110 lbs | Measurements: 35B-24-36

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