Brian Dozier has been on quite a roll as of late, hitting two walk-off home runs this week alone.  That, however, wasn't enough for the more than deserving Minnesota Twin's second baseman to get on the American League All Star team.  Today, Dozier got the news he should've already received.

Between innings during today's Twins versus Detroit game at Target Field, it was announced that Toronto Blue Jay all star Jose Bautista would need to sit out the All Star Game due to injury.  His replacement for Tuesday's game will be Brian Dozier.

As the announcement was made, the fans at Target Field rose to their feet cheering and a very grateful Dozier said what appeared to be a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone.

While it's unfortunate that Bautista has a shoulder injury, the all star game would've felt a bit off without as player as deserving as Dozier.