Did you know Kate Upton is filming a movie in the Hamptons with Mrs. Judd Apatow and the girl who really hasn't done much since 'The Mask' but once got Ben Stiller's sperm in her hair?

In case you didn't know about Kate Upton and her new movie 'The Other Woman', Splash News has paid a team of seagulls to follow Kate's every move and...HANG ON THEY'VE GOT SOMETHING!!! We are witnessing history friends.

Kate Upton wore a bikini! Kate Upton wore a white bikini! Kate Upton wore a bikini in a movie! Interesting play by the director in decided to ignore Kate's Academy Award-worthy acting chops to focus on the 21-year-old model's underutilized talents. Who knew Kate could frolic half-naked on a beach?!?

More on this story as it develops or until the seagulls get distracted by a hamburger wrapper.

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