Veteran rock band Kix announced that drummer Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant was “in good spirits” after collapsing on stage in Virginia.

Eyewitnesses said the incident took place just after Chalfant had completed his drum solo towards the end of the show on Friday night (Nov. 18), and that he was in an ambulance heading for hospital within two minutes. The incident follows a heart attack he suffered in October 2021.

“Kix drummer Jimmy Chalfant is awake, alert, resting comfortably and in good spirits in the hospital after collapsing towards the end of their performance at the Tally-Ho Theater in Leesburg, Virginia on night one of a two nights stint,” a band statement read. “While clearly a cardiac event, it is unknown at this time whether or not Jimmy actually suffered a heart attack.”

A series of medical tests was underway to determine what had had happened, the statement continued. “Kix appreciates the outpouring of love and concern for Jimmy and thank everyone for their courteous understanding in the matter.”

Earlier, guitarist Bob Pare said via Facebook: “In the effort to avoid any misinformation, with regard to Jimmy's condition – we left the hospital around 2 a.m. He was awake, talking, even joking a bit, and his vitals were good. He is currently in the best hands possible.” He added: “Without a doubt, it was a very dire, scary, and serious situation. No further details are known at this time.”

The second night in Leesburg was postponed, with the band’s next scheduled show set for Nov. 25 in Harrisburg, PA. They have a series of appearances planned until May 11. Chalfant joined Kix a year after its 1977 formation, remaining in place until their split in 1996, and returning for their reunion in 2003. Following his heart attack last year, the band continued their touring commitments with stand-in drummers.

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