A while back I noticed an ad for a product called the Klik Belt while I was scrolling through Instagram.  Their website advertised them as being "The Best Way to Hold up Pants", improving on the centuries old belt design.  I was also in the market for a new belt in particular to carry concealed with, and they offered options for that too, so I ordered one up.

I went with their 1.5" 2-Ply Tactical Belt, the 2-Ply webbing material is triple-stitched and features a Cobra buckle that clicks, or Kliks in.  At first, I was just going to wear it when not working my main job in Environmental Construction, but after a few days I completely quit wearing my regular old leather belt.  I'm a chubby guy, and my weight fluctuates so the ease of looping through the Klik Belt won me over.  There is no more in between belt hole issues like with a leather belt.  You can set the Klik Belt to exactly where you need it to be.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger

My only gripe, which I got over quickly is that you can't pull the belt through with the attachment end on it, you have to quickly remove it from the webbing, remove or put on the belt, and then click it back in for storage or use.  A very minor thing that since hasn't been any kind of an issue.  I'll deal with that, knowing that I can set the belt exactly as needed.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger
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I'm going to be ordering another one in it's 1-Ply form for those times I am not able to carry.  As far as I'm concerned, no more leather old style belts for me.  Even with carrying, the belt has held up incredibly well and performs exactly as described.  Check them out at Klikbelts.com