In recent years you have probably heard about the Keto Diet, or maybe even had some friends and family that have tried it out.  Of course you can ask Uncle Google more about it, but sometimes there is conflicting information in a search on those kinds of things.

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There is a free event coming up that you can be a part of virtually that will teach you plenty about a Keto diet.  On Thursday, January 28th, the Facebook Live half hour information session will begin at 6:00PM.  You'll learn how to properly use the Keto diet to rapidly burn fat, exactly what the Keto diet is and isn't, and how to incorporate exercise into the diet, the proper way.

For attending the virtual session, you will also receive a Keto recipe download with over 20 recipes to try out.  There will also be an exercise guide to help speed up your results while on the diet.  Finally, they will include basic guidelines to follow to get started on it.

This type of diet might not be for you, but if you have struggled with weight loss it might be worth checking out.  I've personally lost many pounds and several inches off of my body by using a Keto type diet.  Like any diet, it's a lifestyle change and that can make it difficult to stick to.  This free class should give you a good jump into trying it out with helpful information.  While it's free to attend, you do need to register to get the free downloads of extra information, you can get setup with that HERE.

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