UPDATE 3/17/23: This home sold for $275,000 back in October. What a cool home!

We all have passions in life and it looks like the former owner of this Wisconsin home had a passion for LEGOs! A LEGO-themed home hit the market in Kenosha, Wisconsin and it truly is one-of-a-kind.

There are so many interesting homes that have hit the market recently. A great example of this is a hobbit house that hit the market in Wisconsin back in September. The home is awesome but definitely an acquired taste.

There is also a hotel for sale in Humbird, Wisconsin that you could purchase if you dare. The Humbird Hotel & Bar is for sale and it comes with a few extra guests that don't pay rent. The owners are very upfront about the fact that ghosts roam the hallways.

Last but not least, there is a Frank Lloyd Wright home that went up for sale in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. It is the first time that the home has ever been for sale and is one of the largest homes Frank Lloyd Wright ever had a part in.

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This definitely falls under the "interesting" category but it is pretty cool as well! There is a LEGO-themed house that went up for sale in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The home looks like you inside a Crayola LEGO wonderland!

The home is located at 7003 61st Avenue and is for sale for a quarter of a million dollars! From the outside, the home looks like an ordinary home, with the exception of a small number plate shaped like a LEGO.

Once you go inside, things change a bit. There are LEGO murals on the walls, LEGO colors everywhere and even a LEGO-themed bathroom. The interesting thing is that there are also parts of this home that are normal, so there is something for everyone who occupies it.

According to the Zillow listing, the home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of each of which is themed after LEGOs, of course. The home is updated and this is very evident while looking through the photos, including the colorful kitchen.

You have to love when someone has an eye for a theme and just goes with it! The owner of this home definitely did that. Take a tour below.

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