However you feel about HBO's 'Girls,' there's no denying that women love it. When women love something as much as they love Lena Dunham's show, it usually means we should be listening closely to what's being said.

Below are just a few of the many pearls of wisdom to be found in Lena's Playboy interview; take note, fellas. She's smart, funny, and she's giving away some important information.

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    “I want you to know, the first time I f*** you I might scare you a little, because I’m a man and I know how to do things," is a great line, but only if you say it with a straight face

    "Someone once said something like that to me—with the immediate caveat 'I, uh, learned that from my friend who works at Vice magazine.' That made the line a lot less sexy. American men always have to go for the laugh or the excuse. A Frenchman would say that with a straight face."

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    A metal pipe is not a great place to have sex

    In Dunham's film, 'Tiny Furniture,' her character has sex inside of a drainpipe. She had this to say about filming that scene:

    "The funny thing is it was such a cheap movie and the pipe was the most expensive part of our entire operation. We needed a place to put the pipe where we could light it properly. We had the pipe built in an iron yard. I had a big sewer pipe in mind, but they built one from a piece of scrap metal that wobbled around. When I noticed that I thought, We’re done for. Everything is ruined because of this stupid wobbling pipe. Cut to: People wound up being amused that the pipe had a certain amount of give and jiggle."

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    10 dates is the magic number for the end of casual sex

    "Millennial men and women could stand to know that not everyone wants just casual affairs, even though there’s a lot of pressure to have sex and not care—and when you’re a woman it’s supposed to be a triumph when you can do that. I try to never push that methodology on Girls. I believe people want to be connected in an intense human way, but it’s getting lost in the shuffle. So there’s no rule, but most of my girlfriends start to get squirrelly about it and wonder what’s going on 10 dates in."

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    Women fantasize about watching too

    "I don’t want them to date in real life, but I wouldn’t mind putting David Strathairn and Rooney Mara in a room together and seeing what happens when they have sex in a movie context." We have no idea who that dude is, but we're down with anything involving Rooney:

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    She's onto you

    " I think you can identify the porny guys early on, based on their behavior: They try to force you into unnatural cinematic sexual positions, or they just seem to have learned a lot of their moves from people who do sex acts for a living. A quick check of their browser history will reveal all you need to know."