The Lighthouse Center for the Blind has changed it's name in order to reflect their expanded mission.  It's now called Lighthouse Center for Vital Living.

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I had major vision loss in one eye several years back and went through a cornea transplant to help restore that vision.  While I was fortunate enough to still have great vision in the one eye, there are many people who suffer from all types of vision loss and the cost associated with getting issues addressed can be quite high.  That's why it's good that we have places like the Center for Vital Living to help out.

I won't cover all of the services they offer here, because there are just that many.  As part of their expanded mission they are helping children, teens, and adults challenged with disabilities, vision loss and much more.  They offer coaching, training, therapy, and great technology support options to help those challenged by vision loss and more.  All of this is in an effort to help people live a safer and more connected life.

Some of the services they offer include vision rehabilitation, low vision optometric exams, and home and workplace adaptations for those in need.  You can find out more about their expanded mission, all of the services they offer, and even donate to help with the good that they do for our community HERE.

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