I'm a big fan of Shark Tank. I'm not exactly sure what's so appealing about the show, but we watch it all the time. Some of the products catch your eye, and we were watching reruns when we saw Line Cutterz. You can see the pitch below in the video, which they actually did get a deal on.

I mentioned while watching it how cool of an idea it was, and then a few weeks later one showed up in the mail as a gift from my wife. I tried it out this weekend and I have to say it works exactly as advertised.

So the way it works is it's a velcro ring that you put on your finger that has sharp razors in it to cut line. Up until now I've always used little scissors or nail clippers. The problem with that is you can never find them when you need. Not to mention putting tackle together on a fishing line can sometimes be challenging and your hands are tied up. With Line Cutterz, from the first tackle I tied up, it was super easy to use.

They rings cost about $13. I was checking out their site and they have all sorts of gear and gadgets. With as well as this ring cutter works, I would be willing to try another one of their products.

If you find yourself fishing even one in a while, this is definitely worth buying and it saves a lot of headaches. I'll put it on now whenever I go fishing.

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