My daily routine consists of turning on ESPN, and watching the daily run down on Sports Center; and after that if I need more sports coverage, I will go to, but when I went there today I was completely shocked to see no one was talking about the Minnesota Lynx. But instead all the talk was about the Vikings 0-3 record.Is Minnesota so blind that it can not recognize that we actually have a team about to do what the Vikings, Twins, Wild, and the Timberwolves can not do; which is actually win a championship. Maybe the fans are not blind but the sports media is though. Minnesota leading newspaper company is the Star Tribune. With that said you would think they can cover all Minnesota sports right? The answer is no, because instead of writing about how the Lynx destroyed the Phoenix Mercury 103-86 to reach their first WNBA Finals, they have five writers breakdown the Vikings embarrassing 26-23 defeat, and not one article about the Lynx, until almost a full day later.(click on the link, and see for your self)

Call me a bandwagon fan, but right now I am fully on board with the Lynx, because as a 20-year-old


Minnesota sports fan I have yet to see a professional Minnesota team win a championship; yet next week I could finally see that happen, even if its a women basketball team. I say who cares if their is more lay-ups and the three point line is shorter in the WNBA; because right now the Lynx could most likely beat the T-Wolves, and the Lynx actually know how to close out a game(sorry Vikings), and with one of the most star studded lineups in franchise history the Lynx actually can stay healthy(once again sorry Twins).

I am not trying to sit hear and bash all the Minnesota teams, because they all had their chances and failed like the Twins did in 2002, 2003, etc. The Vikings have had plenty of chances(everyone knows them). The Wild in 2003, and the T-Wolves in 2004, yet all four of them have disappointed us, and now the Lynx have a golden opportunity to surpass them all and capture their first WNBA Title, which is one more then the Wild, T-Wolves, and Vikings, and would place them one behind the Twins.

Right now the Lynx bandwagon is filling up, but their is plenty of room to hop on. You should pay attention to this team, because the Target Center has not had this much star players on one team since the NBA All-Star game was held their in 1994. I am not telling you that you should pay attention, but if you want to be proud of Minnesota Team then root for the Lynx, because next week their will be no come back to the statement of what team is better the Lynx or the Vikings, because all Lynx fans will have to say is we actually have a championship.

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