Marcus Theaters, who own and operate movie theaters in Duluth and Hermantown have announced a new bag policy, effective Tuesday, October 1.

They announced the change on their Facebook page:

Attention fellow movie-goers! We have updated our bag policy to ensure that we are supporting a safe & positive movie-going experience for everyone! With the exception of diaper bags and medical equipment bags, we will not permit bags or packages with any dimensions measuring larger than 12” x 12” x 6”. As always, no carry-in food and/or beverages are allowed. This update goes into effect tomorrow (10/1/2019), so please take a look at our updated policy before your next visit. If you have any additional questions, our staff is ready and willing to help!

There had been threats of violence at U.S. movie theaters as recently as last week with the release of the movie 'Joker', so one would assume the new bag policy is an effort to add security measures and not simply a way to prevent someone from sneaking in a $1 box of Milk Duds bought at Walgreens.

Personally, I welcome the added security as long as it's enforced consistently.


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