You could help shape the response to needs for St. Louis County residents. You could also make a little spending money for your time.

St. Louis County is looking for volunteers to serve on its Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee (PHHS).  The committee is tasked with making recommendations to both the St. Louis County Board and the PHHS Department regarding public health and human service needs for communities and residents.

There are five positions currently open needing to be filled.

Volunteer members of the PHHS Advisory Committee meet on a quarterly basis for two hour sessions.  At the present time, all of the meetings have been held virtually.

Members are reimbursed for their time and mileage. The current per diem is $50; necessary mileage will be calculated and reimbursed if or when meetings return to an in-person mode.

Committee members are appointed by the St. Louis County Board for two year terms.  The committee strives to "promote inclusive community engagement and collaboration; identify, understand and address community health, social, and safety issues while encompassing emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs; influence policymakers for health, social services and well-being; and champion health equity".

Among the five open slots, only one is for an "at large" appointment.  The remainder have specific geographic area requirements:  One opening in District 2, which covers central Duluth from Park Point to the Mall area; one opening in District 3, which covers the western portion of DUluth; and two openings in District 7, which covers the southwest portion of the county including Chisholm and Hibbing down to Floodwood and Meadowland.

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