The relationship may not have started on the nicest of terms, but Metallica had a chance to hang out and spend time with Sandman, the Canadian tribute band who famously received a cease-and-desist letter from the group earlier this year.

To refresh your memory, the Canadian rockers were upset upon receiving a cease-and-desist letter alleging that their logo was too similar to Metallica's. The legal maneuver made headlines, and caught Metallica by surprise as neither they nor their management had involvement in the matter. It turned out the letter had been sent by an "overzealous" attorney, and the band quickly cleared up the matter, with Lars Ulrich even calling Sandman's Joe Di Taranto and telling him that they had Metallica's full blessing to continue without worry of further legal action.

After smoothing out the misunderstanding, Metallica took things a step further inviting the members of Sandman to hang out at their recent performance in Toronto. The band even posted a photo of the hang via their Instagram account, which can be seen below.

Sandman also posted the photo on their Facebook page, which now reads that they are "the only Metallica-sanctioned tribute band." At present, Metallica have just one final show in 2016 taking place in Oakland on Dec. 17, but they've already started booking shows in 2017. See their tour schedule here.

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