Legendary drummer Mike Portnoy is checking in from quarantine to recommend music and movies to binge. Portnoy makes sure to shout out new albums from veterans like Sepultura and Testament while paying respect to titans of the future like Code Orange.

Surrounded by one of his gigantic drum kits, Portnoy took a moment away from buying his pets Bark Boxes and recording Ramones covers to address the fans. “I hope you’re hanging in there,” he begins. “I know these are crazy, unprecedented times. I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time at home in 20 years now. I know we’re all missing being out there with friends, we’re missing going to concerts, I’m missing playing concerts, but we’ve got to do what’s right. We’ve got to stay safe, stay inside, stop the spread.”

“Look at the bright side,” he continues. “You can listen to some new music that’s out — listen to the new Code Orange or Sepultura or Testament. Or if you want to experiment with some different styles of music, listen to the new Fiona Apple or Once and Future Band.”

As for watchables to binge on, Portnoy recommends Ozark, Better Call Saul and all 18 hours of Twin Peaks: The Return.

“Hug your kids. If you are a kid, hug your parents. Cuddle with your pets. Pick up a new instrument… Stay creative, stay productive, stay healthy and stay inside,” the drummer concludes.

If you want to hear new music from Portnoy, you can check out his newest group BPMD featuring Overkill’s Bobby Blitz, ex-Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel and Metal Allegiance’s Mark Menghi.

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