This is absolutely hilarious - because it is true in every way, shape and form!

I was scrolling through Facebook on Tuesday (March 30th) when I came across a post that made me laugh super hard from a page that I don't even follow. So many people had commented on it and shared it across the social media site that it popped up on my feed.

The post is about the weather. It was shared by news station KEYC News Now in Mankato, Minnesota. Mankato is just a three and a half hour from the Twin Ports in the southern portion of the state.

In the post, the meteorologist on duty shared a five-day outlook of the weather. In true Minnesota fashion, the weather ranged from the upper thirties to nearly eighty degrees a few days later.

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The weather also spanned partly cloudy skies to sunshine to strong winds. Thankfully, we are used to this kind of roller coaster when it comes to the weather. Other states barely have two different seasons but here we have all four, sometimes in the span of a few days, as you can tell by this weather forecast. We are used to it which means we can joke about it!

Ha! I love the fact that hot dish was brought into the situation. We all know people think all Minnesotans love hot dish and eat it for every meal. While this is a stereotype, it always makes for a funny joke.

As of the time of writing this, the post had been shared nearly one-thousand times. Since we can't predict the weather all the time in the Northland, at least we can joke about it!

Speaking of weather forecasts, the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center says we will see a mild start to the month of April, which is a relief because sometimes we see snow this time of the year!

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