Gone are the days of going to a ticket office to physically stand in line to buy tickets for your favorite event, in the computer age we have "virtual lines", and virtually anything can go wrong, and did for the Twins when regular season tickets went on sale through the Twins website, the Twins claim nothing went wrong but fans disagree. My question, it was no secret the tickets went on sale, why do "server maintenance"?

Server repairs on the Minnesota Twins ticket ordering website appeared to kick thousands of customers out of their virtual place in line Saturday, but officials say it actually did just the opposite on the first day single-came tickets went on sale.

Dozens of frustrated fans took to the team's Facebook page to vent about how they had waited hours to purchase tickets online, only to be greeted by a blank screen when they reached the front of the line.

"White screen of death," wrote Twins fan Andy Giefer.

"Livid does not begin to describe how I am feeling at this moment," wrote Twins fan Laura Foster. "Waiting for hours and wasting an entire day with nothing to show for it -- what is the matter with your ticket office? Did no one test this program before today?"

Kevin Smith, executive director of public affairs for the Twins, said that at about noon, server issues required repair, so technicians froze the system in order to make them. Smith said that it appeared to ticket seekers that they had lost their places in line, but when the system went back up about 20 minutes later, everyone was in the place they were before the freeze.

via Star Tribune

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