On paper, Kirk Cousins is a great quarterback. His stats are good and he hits all his marks. The only ones he can't hit are getting to the playoffs, winning playoff games, and delivering a Super Bowl Championship.

To me, I don't care if you hit the marks. We signed Kirk Cousins to win a Super Bowl. He has not delivered. So far the only quarterbacks in the last 20 years to get us close have been 2 old guys and a backup. Randall Cunningham, Brett Favre, and Case Keenum. They dumped Keenum for a chance to get the guy to get them over the hump.

So far, he can't even get to the hump. I was not convinced when they signed Cousins, and I haven't seen anything to change my mind. Sooner or later you have to show something on paper how well you have done in the playoffs, or even getting to the playoffs.

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According to Heavy, Cousins is 25-22-1 over the past three years with Cousins and has made the playoffs once. I would say this is the year they say to him, ok Kirk, you have taken $100 million of our money and you have not brought us to the promised land. Bleacher Reports Gary Davenport thinks there is going to be time to pay the piper, or it will be messy.

I think this is it, this year he has a small contract, only $31 million, then next year he is due $45 million. I think they will pull the plug on this expensive mistake and say, Thank You For Nothing!!!

Kirk has never had that killer instinct needed to win the big games, I don't even remember if he has brought us back in a game we are down. If he didn't have Dalvin Cook behind him, he wouldn't be able to carry the Vikings.

Please, Minnesota Vikings, tell him it's time to put up or get out. How long can we have quality players with a lame quarterback throwing to them? We have 3 major talents at WR not to mention a huge deep TE group and Dalvin Cook behind him. We should have been to the playoffs every year he was here in order to say it was worth the money.

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