Let me be the first sports writer in the state of Minnesota to say congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx. Minnesota has been waiting patently for this time to come, so all you Minnesota sports fans celebrate because the way our other sports teams look right now this could be the only bright spot for us for a long time.

Here are some numbers to consider before you just throw this championship in the garbage because its "women basketball". The state of Minnesota has been waiting for basketball championship since the Minneapolis Lakers won it in 1954. Also since the Minnesota Twins won the World Series in 1991; Minnesota sports team as a whole are 0-28 in the play-offs, you would think that out of 28 play-offs appearances we would win a championship or at least make it to the championship game right? The Minnesota Vikings have never won a Super Bowl, the Twins have never made it back to the World Series since 1991, and both the Wild and Timberwolves have never been past the Western Conference Finals, yet now on October seventh, 2011 the Minnesota Lynx have done what no other team has ever done in the WNBA since the Sacramento Monarchs did this back in 2005, and that is to win their first championship in their first ever appearance in the WNBA finals.

For this specific sports writer its his first Minnesota championship besides college. You, and I all remember the heart aches Minnesota teams have given us, like Gary Anderson missed field goal, Brett Favre throwing across his body, the Twins never getting past the Yankees. What the Lynx did tonight proved that Minnesota can win the big game. If you were asked to do a poll right now for the best Minnesota sports team, I hope that everyone would vote the Lynx, because right now the Lynx have won the second most championships in Minnesota Sports history, and are only one behind the Twins.


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