How many times have you bumped into someone, or stepped on someone's toes at the movies and said "OPE"? Or Hey Bob, is that a new Chevy, and you say "You Betcha"?

Those words are commonplace in this state, I would think in most of the midwest states up north, so I was shocked to see what the real top slang it, but after I read it, I totally agreed with it. made a list of the Most-Used Slang Words in each state.

When you see a cute child in a Halloween costume, when there is a new puppy, when someone tells you what they are doing for the weekend, when someone tells you what a dumb move they made or made a bad decision. What would be your answer? Well, my family is ALL Minnesota, because they said this. says the top Slang word is "Oh Fer". You are saying, what kind of word is that. Here it goes. Dute child or puppy, Oh Fer Cute. What you are doing this weekend, Oh Fer Fun. Bad decision, Oh Fer Stupid. I think we are all guilty of this one.

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How many times were you at family gatherings and you heard someone say the most used two words in Minnesota? I know all my aunts have said this. My Mom lived in Arizona and still says it. I tell her something and she says "Oh Fer" Heaven's sake.

It could be an argument made for this word, but I think one of the top 5 should be, "Well That's Different". That's another article though.


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