Oh boy. This is awkward to say the least. One Minnesota police department is going viral after they came across a situation they didn't want to come across. Ha!

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The Champlin Police Department shared a message on their Facebook page Wednesday (January 13th). According to their post, they came across a "romantic entanglement" in a busy parking lot in broad daylight. Take that as you will.

Their post is full of sarcasm and hilarious phrases that make light of the situation. For example, they state that nothing kills a mood quite like one of their officers knocking on the window. Ha!

All in all, the post was funny but also poses a good point. You can check it out in full below:

Champlin is located just a few hours from Duluth. It is not mentioned in the post just where exactly this couple was caught canoodling. What I do know is that I would love to see more posts like this because it gets a point across while also being hilarious at that!

Another Minnesota police department is also quite funny on social media. The Farmington Police Department has a great sense of humor online. At the start of the pandemic, they got attention for a photo they posted: one of their cop cars decked out in famous lyrics that can be related to the pandemic. An example: MC Hammer's Don't Touch This.

It was exactly the kind of levity we needed during an uncertain time. More of this, please!

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