One thing that changed for many people both during and since the pandemic has been the ability (or the demand) to work from home.  That changing workplace will translate into changes in our roads and highways as well. That's why the Minnesota Department of Transportation is compiling information so that they can formulate their long-range plans for highway infrastructure in the future.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and the University of Minnesota Tourism Center have partnered together to better understand Minnesota workers' experience with telecommuting before, during, and after the COVID-19 Pandemic.  They've put together two different surveys to poll information from the general public.

Yuliya Apanasenka
Yuliya Apanasenka

The two different surveys specifically target both workers and employers.  The reasoning behind the specifically-targeted surveys allows them to see what items are shared by both demographics and also how they differ.

Each of the surveys takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has shared that they feel that all contributions to the project are vital to the understanding that will be gained and the ways that it will be used in the future to drive transportation projects throughout the State of Minnesota.

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Right now, the project window is open and MNDOT and the University of Minnesota Tourism Center are looking for active participants to take the survey(s).  Once the project is complete, results will be made available through a report on the websites for both agencies.

To take the worker-focused survey, click here.

To take the employer-focused survey, click here.

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