While a large number of the rest stop located around the state are open year-round, the Minnesota Department of Transportation operates some of them on a seasonal basis.  MNDOT has announced that some of these seasonal rest stops will not be opening any time soon; their announcement has indefinitely postponed their opening dates.

Many of these seasonal rest stops are located throughout the state.  Here is a list of those affected in the northeast district:

  • Big Sandy
  • Cross River
  • Cut Face Creek
  • Independence
  • Knife River
  • McGregor

According to information released by MNDOT, "[t]hese locations have limited resources, no running water and are primarily on recreational routes. They are not designed to accommodate commercial truck parking. All other rest areas remain open, though some closures due to facility improvements, construction or other reasons unrelated to COVID-19 are possible."

For more details about rest stops, road construction projects, or just general state highway information, click here to visit MNDOT's website.

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