The whole month of May focuses on Motorcycle Awareness and a lot of it is reminding other drivers on the road to be watching for bikes as the weather gets warmer and more are on the road.  Distracted driving is bad enough with accidents involving multiple cars, but motorcyclists don't have the same level of protection that a car or truck provides.

Rider safety though is not just the responsibility of other vehicle drivers on the road, it falls on the motorcyclist too.  Some tips for riders to remain safe include:

• Remaining visible all of the time, this includes having your headlight on day and night     and using reflectors, some jackets even have built in reflective strips.

• Giving at least one car-length of space between you and other vehicles

• Dressing for safety which includes wearing a helmet, eye protection, and bright              clothing.

• Having your motorcycle endorsement and even the basic rider safety course which is    invaluable even for seasoned riders

• Keep an eye out for animals in your path, always be scanning the sides of the road.

This list isn't everything a rider should try to do to remain safer, but more of a reminder that safety when riding is not just the responsibility of other drivers.

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