I had to take a trip to the ER on Friday night due to a kidney stone.  I started having pain on Wednesday at about 3:00AM and since I had one before it took me about a half hour to realize that's what it probably was again.

I went into work on Wednesday like a stubborn person and arranged an afternoon video chat with my primary doctor who over the chat set me up with some pills to ease the pain and help the stone passing.  By Friday night though, I couldn't handle the pain any longer, even with Oxycodone.

At about 11:30PM on Friday I had my lady drop me off, there wasn't an option to have her stay and she also had her 8 year old to tend to.  The ER in Superior wasn't busy at all, in fact, I was the only patient.  At the entrance my temperature was taken and I was given a surgical mask to wear.  I didn't have to sign anything, I didn't even have to show my ID which was a little odd to me.  I was in their system as it's the same hospital as my primary provider, but to not even show that I am me doesn't seem right.

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I had a urine sample taken, was scanned, pumped up with liquid feel good medicine, and sent home by 1:00AM.  The only difference I noticed now versus when COVID-19 wasn't a thing was that everyone had masks and gloves on.  Granted they weren't busy but I feel like the care level was at least what it's normally like for me on past trips.  I felt bad using up one of their masks, so hopefully it's the only time I need to go.  I did pass a cute little evil 3mm stone early Sunday morning, in case you were wondering.

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