Thinking back, I figure I had maybe heard about an Honor Walk in conversations, but never really knew what one was.

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Someone in my family was part of one this last week, and that lead me to read up a little bit on what the meaning is behind them.

Honor Walks are for those donating their organs to others.  This could be a person on life support who has chosen to donate one or many organs when removed from support, or someone living who is donating.

According to, 17 people die each day that are on organ donor lists waiting for one to become available.  Also, about 105,000 people are on the national transplant waiting list.  With those numbers alone, it's clear there is a need for organ donation to help save lives.

In an Honor Walk, the individual donating their organ or organs, is transported to an ambulance or operating room, usually in a hospital bed.  The honoring part comes in with the halls or path to where the individual is going being lined with family, friends, and hospital staff.  It's a true show of appreciation as they are escorted to donate and help others.

Most hospitals will do an Honor Walk of sorts in donor situations, and they may vary slightly in procedure depending on policy.  You can get more information on Honor Walks including assistance with coordinating one here.

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