Penny, my significant other, said: "Is it really a Father's Day gift if they don't end up swearing at least ten times while assembling it?".  She said that after helping me spend over an hour and a half putting together the Masterbuilt electric smoker her and my eventual step-daughter got me.

I've been wanting to get a smoker for a while and haven't dropped the coin because I didn't want to get one that was too cheap and regret it.  I didn't need it, it was a want, so I was holding off.  Thankfully Penny knows me well, and a day early, I walked around my garage after getting home from work to see it sitting there with a bow.

Masterbuilt Smoker-Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The unit has instructions, though they are the vague kind that show you the screws, nuts, and washers, but mostly just drawing type pictures of how it goes together.  You'd think that it's not that big of a deal, assembling the stand and legs.  It really shouldn't be, but it was missing the kinds of things like "don't tighten this too much at first".  It also had a couple of steps in the wrong order in my opinion.  The hardware was a fight too, cheap screws and poor threads made it more difficult while trying to not scratch or bang up the unit while assembling.  The unit itself seems solid and well built though otherwise, and my buddy Tig,with Tig's Smokn' Pig BBQ said he's owned several before he got his BBQ trailer and liked them.

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I got it all setup by dark and got it seasoned the next night.  I'll review and report back after my first round using it.  Regardless of the setup experience, I'm thankful to have Penny and Bella and it was a great Father's Day.  Hopefully the smoking meat part is less swearing and more about relaxing while having cigars and cocktails.

Masterbuilt Smoker Assembled- Photo Credit: Joe Danger