Apple Festival in Bayfield, WI is one of my favorite area events each year.  I grew up not eating many apples as Mother would bring those deceivingly named Red Delicious apples home from the store.  I'm a guy who likes to eat, but I have to be pretty hungry to consider one of those.  I will credit Mum though for bringing us to Apple Fest to discover there was indeed a Red Delicious alternative.

I couldn't tell you the first year I went or even how many times I have been to Apple Fest.  I can however tell you I remember some of the worst weather at it.  I just assume every year it will be raining at a minimum and I prepare for a rain/slush situation.  Regardless, I try to go when I can because it's always worth it.  Here are a few of my must stop and must haves for the trip.

1. Erickson's Orchard

Generally my first stop is Erickson's Orchard.  I've picked apples there a few times but depending on weather I just stop in, grab cider, a bag or two of apples and of course, one of their delicious doughnuts.  They also have a country store type setting with other delicious things to shop through.  Need a pumpkin?  They have those too.  The staff is always friendly and welcoming.  Erickson's Orchard

2.  Apple Brat with Apple Mustard

It's called The Apple Festival so we eat apple things.  I've tried just about every food item there over the years.  If I could only have one thing while there it would be this.  I can never remember the name of the street corner and intersection the stand is at, but you can't miss it because it usually has a long line.  They also sell the apple mustard right next to the brat tent.

3.  Fire Department Raffle

Every year the fire department has a raffle going on, usually several firearms are up for grabs and a 4 wheeler of some sort too.  I can't walk by and not buy a some tickets.  If my dad ever can't make it, he always insists I purchase him a few.  My family has contributed a lot of money to that department over the years, hopefully one of us will eventually get a phone call.  If not, at least it helps out a small town fire department.

4.  Spiked Hot Cider

This is key when the weather is on the chilly and not so pleasant side.  Usually found on one of the lower streets close to the water.  There is a bar there that has an outside booth usually set up.

That's my stop stuff.  They have so much more there though.  Live music, over 60 orchard and food booths, almost 100 arts and crafts booths.  It starts this Friday the 6th, and runs through Sunday in Bayfield, WI.  10AM-5PM each day.  What are your favorite parts of the Apple Festival?

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